mans best friend

Are you one of those crazy dog lovers (the good kind of crazy!) like me? Well, you must be if you are reading this and I’m so glad you’re here. 

Like me, you probably take a crazy amount of cellphone snapshots to remember all the fun, silly, snuggly moments of your sweet fur baby. Pets really are part of our family.

You may be wondering "what is pet photography?" and is it any different than family photography? I would love to explain!

What is pet photography?

Pet photography is very much like family photography, however pets can be unpredictable. A good pet photographer is trained in managing the situation to ensure they get the perfect shot. In my experience I find that pets can be very much like toddlers in a way. I have to use similar tactics, games, and bribery to get a pets attention just as I do a toddler. I love the challenge of playing with and chasing toddlers around to get that perfectly candid moment just as I do with pets. Playing with and getting to know your pet during the beginning of our session is crucial in allowing me to capture their true personalities.

Why invest in pet photography?

Our fur babies are part of our families and leave a huge imprint on our lives. Just as we want to capture memories of our families, it is also so important to capture our memories with our pets. While the impact man's best friend leaves on our hearts is huge, the time we have together is far too little. Having these portraits to look back on and remind us of our time together is priceless. I encourage all pet lovers to capture many milestones of their lives with their fur babies.